Unitized Curtain Wall Systems will Transform Your Building

Unitized curtain wall systems are the ultimate solution for modern construction, providing unparalleled efficiency and aesthetic appeal. These pre-fabricated panels are assembled and glazed in a controlled factory environment, ensuring superior quality and precision. For home builders, commercial builders, remodeling contractors, and architects, this means faster installation times and significantly reduced field labor costs. The unitized curtain wall system offers excellent thermal performance, superior air and water resistance, and a sleek, contemporary design that enhances the building’s overall appearance. Embrace the future of construction with unitized curtain wall systems, and enjoy the benefits of speed, cost savings, and exceptional performance.

Innovative Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain wall systems provide a modern solution for cladding building envelopes. Composed of glass and aluminum, these walls effectively shield the building interior from external elements while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for occupants. Their design ensures they only support their own weight, relieving the building’s main structure of additional burden.

Designed as non-structural systems, curtain walls simply hang off the building’s frame and carry only their weight and loads. They can be implemented in different styles, from spanning floor-to-floor or filling in punched openings to covering multiple floors. Their designs account for challenges like thermal expansion and contraction, building sway and movement, water management, and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal comfort and utility.

Flexible Installation and Aesthetic Options

We offer versatile installation and aesthetic options tailored to meet your specific project requirements. Our curtain wall systems come with inside, outside, or structural glazing. Choose between stick-built, unitized, or cassette (carrier frame) systems, all available with varying mullion depths and sight lines. You can select the ideal mullion depth to meet your specific design pressure needs, while optional face covers give extra design flexibility.

Stick-built systems are assembled and glazed on-site, providing flexibility with inside or outside glazing. Unitized systems, on the other hand, are assembled and glazed in a controlled shop environment, offering faster installation, improved quality control, and reduced on-site labor costs.

Elevate Building Aesthetics and Performance

The glazing method utilized in curtain walls allows for extensive glass coverage, creating consistent and attractive facades. Our range of curtain walls and glass products gives architects and designers precise control over aesthetics and functionality, whether it’s thermal and solar control, sound insulation, security, or color and glare management.

Make a Bold Statement with Curtain Walls

We’re ready to help you create an impressive structure that’s built to last, combining exceptional aesthetics with the functional benefits of a modern curtain wall system. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your unique design a reality.